When we finally reach the point where failure is not an option, success is within reach. We all have the ability to succeed inside of us that can be attained with hard work, determination, ambition, motivation, higher expectations, and a commitment to ourselves.

If you are looking for someone to speak at your next event, look no further than Billy J Bailey. He has a record of success. As a motivator, he has worked to encourage hundreds to achieve their highest potential. As an educator, he worked hard to see his students succeed. As a pastor, he worked to break down barriers, unite people, and unleash their greatest strengths. Billy is uniquely qualified to speak or teach on religious doctrine, policy, or agenda, having served in pastoral leadership, of some capacity, for a cumulative seven years.

Billy will tailor his speaking or teaching to be in line with the message or topic you request him to focus on in his time at the podium. Additionally, he is not afraid of answering questions and can do so confidently and with boldness. So whether you are looking for someone to speak at a church function, a corporate fundraiser, a community event, a motivational seminar, a public forum, or any other social gathering, Billy is the perfect choice. Don’t hesitate to schedule his appearance today.

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 Billy J Bailey is a speaker who is highly-regarded for his tenacity, vibrancy, and ability to connect with listeners in the audience. He tailors speaking topics and subjects to the theme or purpose of the event he is speaking at and works diligently to provide a message that is pointed, timely, and applicable to all ages. He reaches beyond political, social, and economic markers that would typically seek to divide and work to bridge the gap, bringing all people together to receive his information with excitement.

In addition to his speaking skills, Billy is a talented singer, having performed with some of the greatest names in music at one point or another, crediting his talent only to God who, as Billy puts it, gave him the desire of his heart. Billy enjoys singing a variety of musical genres that span generation and style, but always falls back on his roots in church, singing from the Red Back Hymnal. Billy cites his musical inspirations from the Gospel genres as being ones like Peg Bean (The McKameys), Charity Gayle (People & Songs), TobyMac, Tamela Mann, Will Reagan (United Pursuit), Jason Crabb (The Crabb Family), David Crowder (Crowder), Lauren Daigle, CeCe Winans, Sonya Isaacs Yeary (The Isaacs), Eddie James,  Wayne Taylor (Blue Highway), Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent (Dailey & Vincent), Kevin Spencer, Libbi Perry Stuffle (The Perrys), and much more, not taking time to note the non-religious inspirations like the one-and-only Miss Dolly Parton.

If you're looking for a singer or speaker to be at your next event, look no further than Billy J Bailey.